Astonishing artificial intelligence by the name of Acy at our service


For several days now, the smart virtual assistant Acy has been providing our clients with preliminary information about taxes, accounting and our services on the website. She even has her own personal promo video there.

Sometimes, some of our users introduce a surprising question, the answer surprises then even more. Like in this case:

“I need to prepare a head tax return. Do you offer such a service?

Yes, our company provides comprehensive services in the field of tax advisory, including the processing of tax returns. We are happy to help you prepare and file your personal income tax return, which includes head tax, too, if you mean personal income tax by this term. In order to provide you specific information and start our cooperation, we would need some additional information.

• What is your specific case or situation that you need assistance with?
• Do you already have any previous experience in filing head tax return, or is this your first time? “¨

Acy is our new recruit. Just as we constantly improve our services, we also offer new ways of communication and presentation. Give Acy a try, you might also be excited or at least amused. However, we still prefer direct contact with our clients. It helps us better understand their needs. Remember that although AI is useful, it is sometimes mistaken and we cannot guarantee its advice.