Legal information on the Acy KODAP assistant

I’m Acy, your digital assistant! I am an intelligent chatbot, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and a language model. I am here to help you find your way around the website and explain the services offered by the KODAP group. However, I would like to point out a few important things:

I am just an automated chatbot: Although I am smart and skilled, I am not a tax advisor and my advice is not professional advice in the meaning of the law. If I provide answers to professional questions, it’s always a good idea to  discuss the matter with real experts. My advice cannot be relied upon in full and there are no legal warranties attached to it. No expert has checked them.

Your privacy is important to us. The personal information you give us will be processed by the automated systems on which AI Assistant is built. Any data you provide will be used for the purposes of answering your query, analysing and improving the AI Assistant’s functions and systems, and the data and contacts will only be passed on to competent professionals in the KODAP Group offices, all in accordance with the KODAP Group’s data processing policy.

Service orders: if you order a service through me, we cannot guarantee its implementation. If you do not receive the expected response within the expected time, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly at

No warranty and no liability: in view of the above, the KODAP Group companies shall not be liable for any legal consequences arising from the communication with me, Acy’s assistant.

Please note that any information provided on this site or by me is general  and should not be taken as specific advice in any situation. It is always important to consult your specific case directly with a qualified professional.

I look forward to working with you and hope to be of assistance. But remember, I am just a digital assistant and my capabilities have their limits!