Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers of both industrial and consumer goods require that the setup of all purchased services conforms to their highly optimized model, focused on competitiveness in the environment of relatively low margins and high use of external financing.

A tax adviser, auditor, lawyer, accountant, IT consultant, all of them must respect the intensity of processes related to production and be an effective support and a part of them. We use data analysis, document sharing, and access to the client’s own systems to gain high benefits for our clients.

Tax advisory

  • Tax implications of the acquisition of investments, their repairs and reconstructions
  • Proper inventory management, including work-in-progress
  • Optimizing the tax deductibility of interest expenses and ownership costs
  • Optimizing the application of tax losses and loss carry back
  • Optimal work with value added tax
  • Cross-border transactions within the EU and outside the EU
  • International consulting for foreign income or payments according to treaties on the avoidance of double taxation and OECD directives
  • Implementation of tax due diligence for financial investments and property acquisitions


  • Mergers and other conversions and transformations, and other business combinations
  • Transfer prices
  • Representation at the tax office, support in administrative procedures and inspections

IT Solutions

  • Setup and optimization of broad range of ERP functions, especially for clients who outsource their accounting to us
  • Digitization of document circulation


  • We coordinate our consulting services with the plans of the relevant departments of our customers in the long run, so that everything works smoothly.
  • The time schedule usually includes regular monthly consultation and control activities, a clearly set schedule of work on tax returns and audits, and the need to file tax returns and report on time and to report results to holding structures or owners.



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