We greatly appreciate professionalism, flexibility and fair dealing


“We started our mutual cooperation with KODAP, s.r.o. already in 1999, almost immediately after the establishment of our company. KODAP, as a tax adviser, provides us with comprehensive support in the areas of taxation, accounting and economics.

It continuously provides expert consultations on the current tax and accounting issues of our company, in the form of personal visits, by telephone or via e-mail. As part of the financial statements, KODAP advisers carry out also accounting and property audits. On the basis of this successful cooperation, the adviser prepares the corporate income tax return for us annually, based on the power of attorney.

We greatly appreciate the professionalism, flexibility and broad substitutability of KODAP employees, their reliability and fair dealings. A good relationship between the tax adviser and tax administrators is also a benefit for our company. Our long-term cooperation with the tax adviser, which we greatly value, has been based on mutual trust from the beginning.”

Ing. Vlastimil Lukeš, company executive

LUKOV PLAST is a leading Czech manufacturer of plastic, technical and electrical parts for the automotive industry. The main part of their activities is the production of components or entire sets of sun shades. They are also engaged in the realization of electrical assemblies and plastic parts, including the production of serial tools.



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