Thanks to our many years of experience and our skilled team, we are able to provide you with:

  • Proper bookkeeping with maximum confidentiality
  • Guarantee of cooperation between an accountant and a tax adviser
  • Timely and correctly processed tax returns
  • Translation of the language of numbers into more comprehensible terms
  • Materials for managerial decision-making and control incl. applications for external financing (various types of bank products) and subsequent legal support
  • Document circulation and approval system
  • Negotiations with state administration bodies including inspections
  • Online accounting


For our accounting services, we use advanced software, which we expand to include our own software products through a wide team of our own IT specialists. Thanks to that, we can offer our clients exceptional comfort and functionality.

Our most technologically advanced product is online accounting.


A qualified team of 147 accountants and 35 tax and accounting advisers enables us to handle any type of accounting and any company size, incl. accounting units in liquidation or bankruptcy.

  • ​Double-entry bookkeeping, from medium-sized companies to corporate companies, incl. the foreign ones
  • Tax records of small entrepreneurs (Fakturoid)
  • Complex processing of payroll agendas


  • An experienced accountant able to act in accordance with all regulations and with a guarantee of high insurance
  • An expert tax consultant who will monitor the complex development of laws and their amendments for you, and will draw your attention to new options and possible risks in time
  • A knowledgeable economist who will help you understand the language of numbers and prepare you proposals for further actions
  • A manager of your economic information system (ERP), who will help you organize the circulation of records and draw up necessary guidelines
  • A partner for processing the business plan and obtaining funds
  • A competent representative to negotiate with the tax office
  • A partner used to working with confidential information at all stages of its processing (during data transfer and processing, as well as when handing over documents to clients)



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