Reports for Fuel Stations

Specialized economic reports for fuel stations provide clear and understandable information on the current economic situation of your outlets. They help evaluate the situation, reveal weaknesses and provide capacity for business development.

Two systems are available, for fuel stations and their franchise networks:

Controlling and reporting system >edtas is:

  • A product of the Austrian company eurodata GmbH
  • Number one on the European market for more than 50 years
  • Used by around 10,000 fuel stations of the most famous brands in Europe
  • Operated on 500 stations in the Czech Republic
  • Operated at 900 locations in Austria

WHAT CAN >edtas AND >edfis DO? 

  • Comprehensive information on revenues, costs, liabilities and receivables, total profit, liquidity and other important data
  • Key indicators will tell you what is important, where there are weaknesses and strengths (After processing the month, outputs in the form of analyses, statistics and graphs. They are adapted to the specific requirements of the relevant industry)
  • An anonymous market comparison that includes similar fuel stations to yours
  • Data for outlets in a comparable form, thanks to a unified accounting methodology
  • Individual or overall overview for each outlet or the entire network
  • The right tool for your business plan
  • Online access to data. Thanks to clearly arranged processing outputs, the data is understandable and will facilitate your decision-making
  • Professional consulting. Our tax advisers have many years of experience in solving questions related to retail networks

Satisfied users of the edtas system in the Czech Republic include the Benzina and OMV gas station networks.

For reports for gas stations, you can contact following offices:




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