20 years of sound advisory: a sign of trust and quality


“20 years represents a significant period for an individual and a company. It gives an opportunity to review the past period and evaluate the position achieved in personal life, in the field of business, in society. We evaluate not only exact and measurable indicators, but we also assess matters of an immaterial nature, we appraise human and business relationships.

If one partner has reliably accompanied us in a certain field throughout the entire existence of our company, it is certainly a sign of trust and quality. And this is the relationship our company has with the KODAP group. 20 years of well-founded consultancy and regular auditing of our results. 20 years of a difficult journey through all the pitfalls of changing laws and major changes and transformations of our companies. We can only wish for nothing more than that our partnership with the companies of the KODAP group continues to be just as successful.”

Ing. Miroslav Vacek, CEO

Galvanoplast Fischer Bohemia is, in addition to the production of plastic parts by injection molding, an expert in the field of finishing plastic surfaces. The galvanization method used achieves a noble external appearance with high added value and excellent quality with the haptic properties of metal.

FISCHER has a tradition lasting almost 50 years. More than 700 employees in three plants at home and abroad strive to ensure that the company supplies the automotive and other industries with plastic parts with high added value.



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