Case study

Saving two accountants and up to 80% of the cost of implementing a new ERP


The manufacturing company was looking for a solution to manage the accounting of the parent company and the network of its branches easily and quickly. The branches kept their accounting separately, linking their data for reporting was complicated, and it was impossible to talk about the current data needed for company management.

They approached us on a recommendation, and were interested in our online accounting. The goal was quick accounting at all branches, easy consolidation of data and approval of documents and, last but not least, a clear system of economic data and documents for the needs of company management.

After careful analysis, we came to the conclusion that the optimal solution includes:

  • External accountants, including those for payroll agendas
  • KODAP DataFlow – online accounting system for loading and processing data

After a few months, we know the results. The company saved two internal accountants, does not have to invest in software or hardware. It unified the accounting systems of all branches and fulfilled all its expectations. The total savings reached up to 80% of the cost of acquiring a new ERP system.



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