Increase in the minimum wage and changes in travel allowances from 1 January 2023


At the end of 2022, Government Regulation No. 465/2022 Coll. was published, thus approving the new minimum wage amount for 2023 in the amount of CZK 17,300 (the previous amount was CZK 16,200). The amount of the minimum wage affects a number of other variables, e.g. the income limit for entitlement to a tax bonus advance, the discount for placing a child in a preschool facility, and the limit for the exemption of regularly paid pensions (e.g. the old-age ones) for the year 2023.

By the Decree No. 467/2022 Coll., also changes in travel allowance rates occur from 1 January 2023. The basic compensation rate for 1 km of travel by passenger car has been increased to CZK 5.20 per 1 km from 1 January 2023 (in 2022, it was set at CZK 4.70 per 1 km). There is also an increase in domestic and foreign meal allowance rates. On the contrary, there was a slight reduction in reimbursements for fuel from 1 January 2023.

You can find all the current amounts of domestic meal and travel allowances in our overview.

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